Dear Vishnu ji, it was very good conference you. You forecasted that, August 2012 onwards, there will certainly be good opportunities & there will be job path as well as get a chance to work in a large as well as reputed, and yes! I obtained a task from one of the most effective companies in our industry in August 2012 and now I am working successfully with them. Thanks very much for your support and pointers.

Miss Sumina Rana, Punjab-INDIA, sumiā€¦@ymail.com

I am really satisfied with your predictions & the precision which I getting experienced in situation of my husband. I had asked some concerns concerning my spouse nearly 1 year back & your forecasts were great as well as exact together with the tips you had given to fix some of our problems. Thank you!

Lakshmi Narayanan, Tamil Nadu-INDIA, lax...72@gmail.com

Thank you significantly undoubtedly for your reading yesterday. It has actually offered me much explanation, and confidence concerning my future directions, as well as will certainly aid me outlines my program from this minute onwards. It was most useful to listen to your words again, to re-establish points inwardly.

Mamta Patel, Nairobi-KENYA, mammu....@gmail.com

I ultimately have actually had an opportunity to discover the essays that you advised, also as well as look forward to reviewing them. I feel like I actually needed some hope and a map in a manner of speaking, to lead me in the ideal instructions.

Miss Shaalu Malhotra, Mohali-Punjab-INDIA, del......@gmail.com

Pt. Vishnu, recommendations and also vision are exceptional in the astrology world. His breadth as well as depth of expertise elevates his readings, as well as his capacity to develop reasonable remedies and also methods in order for me to attain my targets are impressive. I getting never ever satisfied any individual, astrologist or otherwise, whose integrated use of intelligence, discernment, good will, empathy, and instinct getting's made such a significantly positive influence on my life.

Miss Neha Thakur, Karnal-INDIA, Neh....240@gmail.com

Third of all, an astrologer has to have the capacity to make a customer really feel comfortable and at simplicity. Going to an astrologist is like going to a physician, or a counselor. Vishnu has the ability to make a person feel at convenience, also when a person doesn't really feel at ease with herself.

Mr. Sumit Ranout, Chandigarh-INDIA, sumitbwx143@gmail.com

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